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Tess and the jazz cats

Jazz - swing

Tess & The Jazz Cats will take you back to the time when the famous jazzvenues were still in full bloom with dance, laughter and cheering audience into the wee hours. Some of Sweden's top jazz musicians has gathered in one band and together they create energetic music that add luster to your event, whether it is the mingle party, eventparty or jazz club.

Tess & the jazz cats are playing jazz from the 30-40 century and the essence of the their playing is made up of pure joy. The band offers instrumental music mixed with vocal inputs wrapped in the finest arrangements.

Terese Lien Evenstad is one of Sweden's most promising jazz violinists. Terese is considered a pioneer in its field in that she is the first violinist who graduated from the Royal College of Music's jazz musicians program in Stockholm and paves the way for the new generation of jazz violinists. Today she is one of the most active and innovative fiddler musicians on the Scandinavian jazz scene and is heard in different constellations and has been awarded with Fredrika Bremer Scholarship and the Arts Council Fonogramstö



Greek urban folk - world music - rebetiko

KOMPANÍA is a greek band performing rebetiko music outside greece. The band was officially formed at the end of 2011, although its members were already playing together for many years. Since then KOMPANIA has recorded 3 albums, has got excellent reviews from the press like "fRoots" and ranked #5 at the World Music Charts of Europe ( on February 2013 and 7 at WMCE (January 2014). The band have appeared at important tv and radio shows in Holland and Greece, has performed in Athens Megaron concert hall and has participated in the German documentary film about Athens and rebetiko, made for the Berliner Phillarmonic Orchestra, presenting "KOMPANÍA" along with the world-famous violin soloist Leonidas Kavakos. KOMPANÍA present their 3rd album with the bilingual title Κρίση / Crisis.

kompania cover pics.jpg

Greek Romantic Orchestra

Greek Romantic Orchestra förmedlar den sorglösa, vackra men också melankoliska bilden av Grekland som vi känner så väl från film och tv. Med en modern instrumentering och influenser både från jazz och den klassiska musiken kan lyssnaren förvänta sig både överraskningar och igenkännande nickar. Greek Romantic Orchestra leds av Nikolas Gialtrinos, född i Grekland men uppvuxen i Sverige. Nikolas anammade sina rötter och hittade kärleken till den grekiska folkmusiken för 20 år sedan.


Billy Jones

Irish, Scottish and American folk, rockabilly, country, blues - roots music.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, of Irish ancestry, he grew up in Bathgate which was - in those days - a busy industrial, steel, mining and railroading town in the Scottish Lowlands. From his first fresh-faced folksy school-groups he quickly graduated to more ambitious bands, playing rockabilly, rock'n'roll and rhythm-and-blues. It was only later, as his musical tastes widened, that Billy moved on to playing Celtic roots music and American country. After many years, down that lost highway of thousands of gigs throughout Europe and the USA, he now lives and works in Sweden, with regular home concerts at the Edinburgh Festival.

His new record "Roy on the Hill" features 12 of his own compositions - songs of experience, of love, life and the ineluctable modality of it all.


Loudovikos ton Anogeion

Greek Mediterranean folk - world music

His career in music began while the greek composer Manos Hadjidakis was in Crete to participate in cultural event. Manos heard by chance Loudovikos and his friends playing mandolins and singing. That was the beginning of a long journey. Loudovikos, with the immense help of Manos Hadjidakis, recorded his first album in 1985, under the title ‘Mirologia’, an anthology of Cretan funeral and mourning songs. After that he become well known for the pure lyricism in his work by expressing in a beautiful and imaginative way ancient legends and fairytales from Mediterranean. His work consists 17 albums.

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Joona Toivanen


Arriving from Finland, one of the most stunning and interesting trios on the scene in recent years. The group, led by pianist Joona Toivanen, strikes at first listen; theirs is a new language, capable of adding a new impression, unexpected and illuminating, to the endless literature of the piano trios. The Joona Toivanen Trio breathes in northern European moods that recall the last decade, knowledgeable of those who created their own language of jazz tradition overseas, and with strength and dedication are looking to redefine the boundaries of the trio format.

The members of the Joona Toivanen trio, all in their thirties, have a long history together. They started playing together already during the school years in 1997, and will have their 20th anniversary as a band in 2017. During the years the trio has won a Nordic Jazz competition in 2000, released albums for prestigious labels such as Blue Note and CAM Jazz (their 6th album is in the making) and toured in Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Finnish pianist, accompanied Tapani Toivanen on double bass and Olavi Louhivuori on drums, make music that strikes a balance between the modern and the traditional, and between quiet, distinctively Nordic jazz moods and openness to new sounds and new expressive forms. This all is made even more intriguing by the outstanding empathy among the three musicians, who are able to cleverly back one another and, through refined mutual listening, reach a remarkable degree of interplay and responsiveness. Thus, each of them plays a leading role, in turn, and bears the responsibility for steering his band-mates towards new directions, new vibes, new melodic insight.

Joona Toivanen Trio’s latest album November was nominated in the category “Best Jazz Album” in the Finnish “Emma Gala” in 2015.


Spiral Trio


The three greek musicians, having already lots of activity in Greece and abroad, met in 2012. From the very first moment a unique chemistry between them was shown, which, ever since has been developed with their live performances in places of Athens and festivals throughout Greece.

Today the trio is considered one of the most important Greek jazz formations. It is a modern piano trio with many influences from the dominant figures of modern piano trio formation, still though with clear references to the tradition of jazz playing. The constant interplay as well as the high level of their musical and improvisation skills bring to the music elements of surprise, variety in the creation of musical images and imagination in the narration.

The repertory includes original compositions of the members of the trio as well as jazz standards that are used as a starting point to lead to different music spaces.

On 2015 Spiral Trio (then as Manesis / Gyftakis / Gouliaris Trio) was awarded the First Prize at “Apollon”, the 1st Greek jazz competition.

Spyros Manesis - piano compositions

Arion Gyftakis - double bass, compositions

Anastasis Gouliaris - drums, compositions