Memories of Kompania

Several months ago in a café in Exarchia of Athens.

Concerto: Have you ever performed in Sweden?

Kompania: Not really, but we always want it. Do you think it will be interesting?

Concerto: Definately!  

Audience: What is that beautiful sound from Greece?

Kompania: Rebetika and Smyrneika.

Concerto: It’s a good chance, now you are in Gothenburg, record one or two songs.

Kompania: Actually we were thinking something like eight.

Concerto: But this is like an album.

Kompania: You’re right, lets record an album.

Concerto: Super, there is for that.

Concerto: Guys you need a video clip.

Kompania: Any ideas?

Concerto: Well, we’ll fix something...